Asian Art by Kyoko   Antique Japanese silk Kimono and Obi textiles.

Asian Art by Kyoko offers a fine collection of Japanese antiques and art; dolls, decorative textiles "nobori" banners, beautiful "fukusa", "yogi" futon cover, "uchikake" wedding gowns and collectable obi. You will find Chinese related arts throughout our store. Also available from our HOME and Catalogue page are direct links for ceramics, hair accessory, men, etc. Enjoy browsing!!!

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Antique Takeda Doll -  item # 987738

Accessory:Men and Women's
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Japanese Doll Dolls
Cotton:Nobori panel Yogi
Silk: Fukusa Kesa etc.
Wedding Kimono Obi
Lacquer, Wood
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Chinese Antiques and Art

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