Japanese textiles and  dolls by Asian Art by Kyoko
About Us

I spent many years of my childhood in Kyoto, Japan. Very pleasant memories of Kyoto followed me throughout my life. As a child, I recalled seeing wide water-filled cement conduits running through town that spontaneously changed colors with the dye colors of the silk artisans. Naturally, this changed the color of Kamo River where we, as children, cooled ourselves during the summer season. During those times, we would also see layer after layer of long silks being dried out along the riverbanks. They might have been Yuzen silk dyes. I was also told as a child that the chemical balance of Kamo River water was perfect for silk dyeing.

Kyoto is surrounded by green mountains. You feel the heavy stagnant air in summer. But this hot humid summer led to a beautiful autumn when the delicate foliage changed its shade to red and yellow. Many artisans often attempted to capture the seasonal changes in their works of art, whether it be in pottery, porcelain, or silk design work.

What I offer here are many of my best collection items accumulated over the years, including more recent additions.

I welcome to share my appreciation for wonderful Japanese textiles and asian arts. Please click here.


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