Japanese textiles dolls ceramics kanzashi by Asian Art by Kyoko
Antique Satsuma Accessory Piece with Silk Tie Belt
Antique Japanese Hina Dolls, Daijin Ningyo
On Request
Antique Japanese Chinbiki Doll, Court Lady and Chin Dog
On Request
Chagama Large Pot for Japanese Tea Ceremony, Herons
On Request
Antique Japanese Doll, Large Retainer Doll
Antique Japanese Silver Tobacco Pipe with Bamboo
Antique Japanese Silver and Copper Tobacco Pipe
Antique Silver Kiseru Pipe, Dragon and Tiger
Landscape Art in Men's Silk Juban Kimono
On Request
Hawk on Pine Tree on Men's Antique Kimono, Wall Decor
Antique kasuri kimono, hemp ikat
Unique Japanese Daimyo dolls in Samurai Komon Kamishimo
On Request
Antique Japanese Play Doll - Mitsuore Ningyo
Samurai's Formal, Kamishimo, Hawk Feather Family Crest
On Request
Old Fabric, Silk Tsumugi, Dragon Design
Japanese Tsumugi Obi
On Request
Antique Black Japanese Obi, Cranes and Chrysanthemums
Japanese Fukusa, Carps in Pond, Smaller