Japanese textiles dolls ceramics kanzashi by Asian Art by Kyoko
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Beautiful Antique Colors in Old Black Silk Kimono
On Request
Beautiful Hand Dyed Flowers on Silk Kimono Roll
On Request
Old Japanese Nobori Banner, Samurai and Horse
On Request
Japanese Kasuri Fabric
Peonies on a Lavender Silk Kimono Roll, Yuzen zome
Beautiful Hand Painted Iris on Soft Silk Roll
Beautiful Nishijin Silk Obi Roll - full length
On Request
Old Black Silk Kanoko Tie-Dye Shibori
Old Shibori Tie-dye Red Fabric
Kasuri Cotton Panel, Futon Cover, Indigo Dye
White Silk Japanese Uchikake Wedding Gown, Embroidery
On Request
Japanese Fabric, Kasuri Cotton Roll
Japanese Vintage Fabric Roll, cotton stripes
Old Japanese Yutan Tansu Cabinet Cover with Crane Crest
Old Japanese Silk Temple Cloth Uchishiki #2
Antique Nobori Japanese Banner Hand Dyed Samurai
Old Japanese Aizome Futon Comforter with Family Crest
Antique Japanese Futon Bed Cover, Theme Tea Ceremony
On Request